Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to "Download Duplicate Aadhar Card" Copy by Name

Get the e Aadhar card copy downloaded by name - Using name, download UID Aadhaar Card copy. Aadhar card was introduced in 2009. The main aim of this Aadhar card is to provide legal proof of your residence and age.

This card along with the code also has the fingerprints of an Individual on it. It is authorized by the Unique Identification Authority of India. This was formed by the Government of India in order to have smooth organization.

How to Download Duplicate Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card status can be checked in a number of ways – for example, online, through SMS or by calling the Aadhar Helpline. However in all these methods one needs to have the unique Aadhar Enrollment ID, also known as EID.

There are some mandatory and really important documents one needs to possess, that would be your Identification, Residential and Age proof. The required documents are mentioned below in detail.

Identification Proof – Passport, Pan Card, Passport, PAN card, Driver’s License, Photo credit card, etc.

Residential Proof: Passport, Pan Card, Passport, PAN card, Driver’s License, Photo credit card, electricity bills (not older than 3 months), water bills (not older than 3 months) etc.

  1. Just in case one loses access or forgets his/her enrollment ID (EID) it can be retrieved by Name by visiting the UIDAI webpage (check the screenshot below)find aadhar card enrollment number by name
  2. Once on the page, press the button next to Enrollment No (EID) under ‘You want to receive your lost:’ section.
  3. The entire process of retrieving the EID is divided into two steps. In Step One, one needs to mention his/her name with exact spellings as specified at the time of enrollment. (Salutations like Dr., Mr.  etc. need not be mentioned).
  4. In email field, write down the email ID or enter the Mobile No mentioned at the time of enrollment. One has the option of entering one of the details among the two.
  5. For applicants who have not registered their email ID it is mandatory to use their mobile number to retrieve the lost data.
  6. Write down the CAPTCHA details correctly and click on Get OTP button to get a unique code on mobile phone or email. Keep the tab open and wait for the OTP to reach you (which generally takes maximum of 2 minutes).
  7. Once OTP is received on the same page under Step 2 , enter the OTP just received and click on Verify OTP.
  8. Once everything mentioned above is done correctly one receives a SMS on his/her mobile mentioning the Enrollment ID (ID). This can now be used to determine the Aadhar Card status by name online using following steps.
  9. Visit the Aadhar status page on UIDAI Resident Portal at
  10. Enter the EID just received followed by the exact  date and time of enrollment also mentioned in the SMS.
  11. Write down the security code written in the image.This helps the system prevent spams / bots clogging the Aadhar servers with unnecessary requests.
  12. Click on Check Status button and the present status of Aadhar Card shall be displayed.
  13. In case the Aadhar Number has been allotted, same shall also be mentioned clearly on the status page.
  14. So, this is how you do Aadhar Card status enquiry by name. We also recommend you to check the status of your application regularly for 96 hours after enrollment (that is, submission of the form). In case of any discrepancies in data submitted; same can be corrected within this period easily. Otherwise a fresh application shall have to be made again for enrollment of UIDAI Card.

Do let us in the comments below if you have any queries or require further details on how to check Aadhar Card Status by name on UIDAI Resident portal. We will be more than happy to help for your UIDAI Card. We will update this article according to your request.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Aadhaar Status online

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is an agency of the Government of India responsible for implementing the AADHAAR scheme, a unique identification project. You can instantly download your Aadhaar card. The validity of E-aadhar card is the same as of Aadhar Card. If a person has enrolled for and AADHAAR CARD, he can always check the status of his Aadhaar card.

Things you need to check aadhaar status online:

  • Your 14 digit Enrollment no : 1234/12345/12345
  • Date and time of Enrollment : dd/m/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Why Aadhar Card is important.
  • It is a proof of our address.
  • It is a proof of our Identity.
  • This 12 digit(UID) identification number is unique.
  • It can be tracked easily.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online

  1. Firstly Click here to goto Official Aadhar Status Check Website.
  2. Enter your 14 digit Enrolment ID and Date/Time of registration
  3. Check Aadhaar Status online
  4. You can obtain them from the acknowledgement slip you receive during Aadhar card registration
  5. You will also need to input a verification captcha code to prove that you’re a human.
  6. Hit CHECK STATUS and if your application is processed, it should display your card status.
  7. Refresh the webpage if any connection error pops up.

You can also check Aadhar card status through Mobile SMS by following below procedure.

Type UID STATUS <14 digit temporary enrollment number> to the number 51969.

Download aadhar card

If your AADHAR number has been generated, you can download the E-aadhar card.

Track Aadhar Card

People can also track their Aadhar card from here.